Winning Tips From The Winners Of The Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run By AIA Vitality

Winning Tips From The Winners Of The Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run By AIA Vitality


Before they graced the podium, we asked them to share their best tips on how you can be your best

This year’s Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) saw lots of athletic feats and triumphs of human excellence. And the Kids Runs, hosted by Timeout Malaysia Kids, were truly inspirational!
And not many can be more inspiring than the winners of our 12km (Open), 21km (Open), and 21km (Veteran) events. We asked them to share their best running tip so that you too can share the podium with them one day.

Edan Syah, 29
Men’s 21km Open winner

“It’s very important to be passionate about the sport. You have the potential to win, but you must also find a way to inspire others to go further. Don’t give up on your dreams to go as far as you want and to keep moving forward. Doing a half marathon isn’t easy, so you will need to put in more effort to train, compared to running 10km and below.
“During the end of the week, begin running from 10km, and gradually progress to 15km as you go. Then, during the race, run at a slow pace and control your speed. You will eventually finish the 21km stronger.”

Vadiveelu Arumugam, 50
Men’s 21km (Veteran) winner

“Train at least four times a week. Go for long runs and hill runs, and if you can, run on the track. Sometimes I run 1km, and other times I run 400metres and 500 meters. You have to control your pace and finish exactly at a set time.

“I accomplish have work and family responsibilities, so when I get b8.30 mom work at 8.30pm, I will rest for an hour assuming I’m 10 pm, get back up at 10pm, and start training until 11.30 pm. On busier days, I make sure I get at least 15 minutes of running.”

Haitham Mukred, 25
Men’s 12km (Open) winner

“You have to be consistent and persistent. Do speed workouts two days and the day before race day to prepare yourself. Go for 400 meters run with a controlled tempo. Also, skip all weight workouts one to two weeks before a marathon.”


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