Wedding Dessert Bar Made from Family Cookies
Wedding Dessert Bar Made from Family Cookies

Wedding Dessert Bar Made from Family Cookies

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A wedding dessert bar takes on new meaning when the offerings are homemade cookies or other tempting sweets made by members of both the bride and the groom’s family. These dessert bars are becoming increasingly popular at weddings across the country–and with good reason, too. Once the cake is served at most receptions, that’s it for the food. If you stay a while for dancing you can probably still get cocktails–and maybe some coffee–but most venues start shuffling the food out of sight the minute the cake has been served.

The dessert bars aren’t formal affairs. They typically include sweets that are easy to eat with fingers and require only a tiny paper plate or napkin. They afford guests a little nibble or small snack throughout the remainder of the reception.

Creating a family tree of sorts with the wedding dessert bar is a fun way to show everyone where both the bride and groom have come from. Did “Bob” grow up eating his mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies? Did “Susan” have a special fondness for her Grandma’s blonde brownies? Whip up a few such recipes and display them in large glass canisters with lids.

Bake enough homemade goodies for everyone by counting on between four and six items per person. Don’t bake huge cookies or cut giant brownies. Bite-sized, small sweets are best.

Before you fill your glass canisters, paint a swath of chalkboard paint across an area on the front. Use chalk to a label whose goodies, like “Susan’s Grandma’s Blonde Brownies” or “Bob’s Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies” so that all the guests can enjoy the history of all the desserts they are trying.

This dessert bar idea doesn’t have to be solely for a wedding either. It would work great for a bridal shower or an anniversary party, too.