Pears Three Ways to Turn Them Into Delightful Desserts
Pears Three Ways to Turn Them Into Delightful Desserts

Pears: Three Ways to Turn Them Into Delightful Desserts

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Pears are a nutritious and delicious fruit, but they can quickly become a delightful dessert as well. Check out these three ways to turn them from just plain tasty to tantalizing both simply and quickly.

Choosing your fruit is important, as it will make the difference between a dessert that looks good and maintains its shape, sweet taste, and consistency throughout the serving time. You want to seek firm, but not hard fruit. When you squeeze it, you want to feel a slight give but not anything that allows an indentation with your fingers or thumb.

You will need some or all of the following when creating these wonderful dessert options:

  • Pears
  • caramels
  • Great quality chocolate milk or dim, whichever you like
  • Almonds, walnuts, or pecans
  • Sea salt

Wash and dry your pears. Proceed based on which kinds of pears you choose to make.

For chocolate-dipped pears, you will need to first prepare your chocolate for melting. Coarsely chop your chocolate and place it on the top level of a double boiler. Stir while melting slowly on medium-low heat. Once the chocolate is melted, set aside and spread waxed paper on a cookie sheet.

Once your chocolate isn’t hot to touch, dip the bottom third of each pear into it, holding each over the pan to allow the excess to drip off. Before setting the pear on the waxed paper to cool and harden, dip the bottom into a bowl of chopped nuts. You may opt to sprinkle on a bit of sea salt instead.

For caramel-dipped pears, follow the instructions provided on the bag of caramels for melting. Proceed as per the instructions for dipping your pear into chocolate. Dip in nuts or sprinkle with sea salt.

Serve each pear on a plate that you have drizzled with a bit of chocolate or caramel. It’s fun to drizzle caramel on a plate that will hold a chocolate-dipped pear, and vice versa.

Set out a tray to display your desserts before the meal. When you have utilized all the ideas above you should have three or four (if you dip in both caramel and chocolate, as well as both nuts and sea salt) options to display.

Serve with a fork and knife.